4k Or 144hz Monitor For Ps5: Which One Should You Buy?

Once you get your hand on the brand new PlayStation 5, the next thing to get is the right monitor. If you are thinking, should you get a 4k or 144hz monitor for ps5, you are not alone. There are many others who are asking themselves this question, too. That’s why after much research, I have put all the pros and cons together.

Once you are done reading, you will not only know what is the difference between the two but also what suits you better. I have put all the important topics you should know when getting PS5 monitors. Let’s dive in and see what is what.

Why Getting The Best Monitor For Ps5 Matters?

Although you will be playing on a PS5, the monitor will be a device you will interact with most. It delivers you all the graphics you are going to enjoy. And, there is a huge difference in how they do it. Performance delivery of a low-end monitor and high-end monitor is not going to be the same.

On top of that, these next-gen consoles have made a huge leap in performance in terms of hardware. Not only they can run games at 4K resolution, depending on other factors the frame rate can cross 100 fps for the first time.

This is no small feat and you will need to capable monitor that can handle both. So, what qualities should the right monitor have? It depends on a lot of factors, and don’t worry we will discuss that down the road.

Then there is the color quality and graphics delivery. They deliver consistent colors and wide color gamut that elevates the viewing experience. The vivid color makes the whole experience very lifelike. If you fail to make a decent choice, you will regret it down the road.

Should I Get A 4k Monitor For Ps5?

The PlayStation 5 is the first full-featured console that can play 4K. Even though PS4 Pro was capable of running games at 4K, it could not play 4K Blu-ray discs. The PS5 also provides a better frame rate at 3840 x 2160 resolution than PS4. Also, the picture quality in this console would be significantly better. In short, it provides a more immersive experience than all of its predecessors. You should definitely get 4K if big real estate is your thing.

To be exact, this console has enough hardware power to run 4K at 120 FPS. But, in end, it depends on how the game developers want to harness its power. It is their choice if they want to use the extra juice to bump up the graphics or the frame rate. But you can use that you will need a 4K display if you want to enjoy the console to the full extent. If you will have a question like is a 4k monitor worth it for ps5? Then yes, they are worth it.

Should I Get A 144hz Monitor For Ps5?

Now, what about 144hz gaming monitors? A 144hz monitor can refresh the animation on the screen 144 times a second. It results in smoother animation. They also tend to have 1ms response time. The most available variants when it comes to monitors are 75hz and 144hz. The 120hz displays are somewhat a rare breed.

In a perfect world, you would need a 4K monitor that can run at 120 frames per second. But the world is not perfect and you will only get a few choices where they offer 120hz. Though not all games will run at 120 fps with 4K if you lower the resolution if you will hit the limit more often. To be on the safe side it would be better to get a monitor that is capable of heating 144 frames per second. Some of these monitors come with RGB lighting, they always give off a cool vibe.

What Is The Difference?

We are comparing apples and oranges here. The resolution and frame rate are entirely different things, though both are crucial for a decent gaming experience. The once does not rule over the other when you are looking for the best performance. It depends a lot on how you want the game.

The 4K resolution will responsible for handing you the most detailed and lifelike graphics on the screen. On the other hand, a higher frame rate offers smoother animation. As both features offer different value to the user, there is no way to judge them on one metric.

Some Product Recommendations

LG 27GN950-B: This LED monitor comes with nano IPS display that has 1 ms response time. The DCI-P3 98% color gamut with DisplayHDR 600 delivers you the most authentic viewing experience. The best thing is it has both G-Sync and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro support. So, your gaming hours will be smoother than ever without any screen-tearing.

SAMSUNG 32-Inch Odyssey G5: It is best for fast-paced competitive games as its lightning-fast 1ms response time is coupled with a 144hz refresh rate. The curved monitor will keep the fatigue away during long hours. With HDR10, you will experience the game more vibrantly than ever. If you have a tight budget then take a look at this budget gaming monitor for ps5.

ASUS TUF Gaming: This monitor delivers stunning graphics while handing you the best gameplay experience. Besides the curved screen, it has adaptive sync and a 144hz refresh rate that can go up to 165hz. The AMD FreeSync premium will make sure your gameplay is screen-tearing free.

In case you don’t have any budget restrictions, then check out this Best 4k monitor for ps5.

What Will Be The Best Monitor For The Ps5?

The monitor which will suit you best depends on your gaming preference and needs. If you don’t want to make any compromise in terms of graphics then 4K resolution would be the proper choice. You will get to enjoy each frame in the best possible manner. This option plays pretty great with casual gamers.

If you are into competitive gaming it is better to focus on frame rate in case you have to choose between the two. Smoother animations play a greater role to give you an edge over the opponents. Also, it will provide smooth gameplay in terms of competitive gaming.

There is another option on the table. Why not get both? There are plenty of 4k gaming monitors in the market that comes with a 144hz refresh rate. These monitors would be an excellent choice. That way you will get best of the both worlds while making the monitor future-proof. You won’t have to worry if your monitor is capable of delivering the hundred percent performance of the console.


If you don’t have budget restrictions it would be best to get a display with 4K resolution and at least a 120Hz refresh rate. In case of a tight budget, you have to decide what suits you better. Both types of monitors would be solid choices for gaming. In short, a 4k 144hz monitor would be the perfect one, but the monitor should also cater to your budget and needs. That is because the price range varies.

If you are a casual gamer then focus on graphics and get a 4K display. For competitive gamers out there, do not hesitate to sacrifice graphics for smoother gameplay, as it will help you in the long run. I hope it helped you settle the debate of 4k or 144hz monitor for ps5.

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