How to Connect Beats Wireless to PS4 Bluetooth

You have the option to connect the beat on your PS4; a wireless connection is the on-the-go option you can go with. If your PS4 has native Bluetooth support, you can connect headphones with the game controller.

Maximum Headphone features connect with the PS4 successfully; you even don’t need to use any external wire or cord for this connection process.

So, here we will discuss today how to connect beats wireless to PS4 Bluetooth. Follow our today session-

How to Beats Wireless to Ps4 Bluetooth?

Connecting the beat to the PS4 Bluetooth needs some simple and easy steps. Let’s discuss the connecting process accordingly in the followed way-

Take your PS4 in your hand. Go for the setting menu of your PS4 device. Then go for Devices, then Bluetooth Devices. So, once you select the Bluetooth Devices option, your Consoler will start to scan all the devices available with the wireless connections. All the paired device will come as a list onscreen at this point.

However, you might not always need the paired device to connect your PS4. If it is an unpaired device you need to cover, go for the appropriate Pair Mode. All headphones might not work in the same manner. Some headphones need a down the volume button, and others may have a Bluetooth Specific Button to do with it.

However, Sony’s PS4 Wireless Headsets features a USB driver offering a more precise approach. Comes with a Wireless So before starting to deal with the Headphone, read the instruction manual included with this. You will get all the instructions for getting an appropriate connectivity function.

Once you got the device name on your PS4 wireless connectivity setting, pair this with your headphones. An unconnected device list will exert a blue light (on the left to the device name). And once one of them connected with the Consoler, it will emit a green color instead of the previous blue color.

You may ask for a code/Passkey for verifying the authentication process before the final pairing of the device. Manually enter this Passkey on you would be connected Bluetooth Device. A confirmation message will confirm your connection with the device.

After you have done the pairing process, now check the audio functioning of your device. Play a game on a trial basis to check the sound is okay or not.

Also, check the adjustment points are all in the appropriate points. Go to the PS4 Setting, and find the Audio Devices Page to make all adjustments. The Headset you are pairing could give you different quality sound based on the types and features. So be tricky and keep patience to get the adjustment.

Depending on your console model, it can cover the number of Bluetooth Devices accordingly. You can check the User Guideline to confirm the number of Bluetooth devices your PS4 can pair effectively. It could be three or four devices.

Now you have connected with three or four pairing devices; your PS4 is ready to explore your gaming worlds with your game partners.

How to Connect Unsupported Bluetooth to your Ps4?

If beat is showing problem to be compatible with your PS4, do not lose your hope to beat the connection. Still, there are some ways to get the connection. Things you will need to make the connection is An Audio Cable (Built-in Microphone). All the headphones available now comes with this cable, so you don’t need to tense unnecessarily.

Though it’s non-guaranteed work, you can give it a try-

  • Use the Audio Cable to connect both the PS4 and the Headphone.
  • Turn On Your Headphone.
  • Now it’s the turn of your PS4; go for the Setting option, then ‘Devices’, and finally the ‘Bluetooth Devices’ option. In the Bluetooth Devices option, activate the ‘Headset’ option.
  • After successfully activation the Headset, it is now back to the device’s option to select the ‘Audio Devices option’.
  • Finally, go for ‘Output Device’, then select ‘Headset Connected to Controller option.’
  • Go for the Volume Control of your Headset, and adjust the volume if you need it.
  • Select the All Audio option from the ‘Output to Headphone’ option.
  • Now play a game on a trial basis and see how you get the audio from your Headset.

How to Connect the Wireless Beat Headset to Your Ps4 using a Dongle?

  • Take a Dongle and a Wireless Microphone.
  • Insert the Mic on the PS4 controller.
  • Now again, Insert the Dongle on your PS4 USB Slot.
  • Turn on your Dongle
  • Turn On your Headset. Move the Dongle close to your Headset.
  • After making a closure movement, your Headset will properly be connected wirelessly.
  • Now go for Setting, then Devices, and finally at the Audio Devices Option.
  • Select the ‘Headset Connected to Controller’ option from the Input Device Options.
  • Select ‘USB Headset’ from the ‘Output Devices’.
  • Adjust the volume from the Volume Control menu. It is supposed to set at a medium level.
  • Finally, go for selecting the ‘All Audio button’ from the ‘Output to Headphones option’.
  • Start playing a game, and see how the audio gives you service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can I Use a USB Adapter to Connect Headset to PS4?

Lots of USB Adapters offer you the benefits of connecting your Headset to the PS4. If you want this connection, Insert your USB Adapter Into your PS4's USB port. Turn on your USB Adapter so that Your Core Device can scan it. Now Go to the Setting of the Console, and select Devices, then Audio Devices accordingly. Select Output Devices to USB Headset, then select All audio.

Does Beats Solo3 is compatible with PS4?

No, it Is not compatible. Beats Solo3 is not designed to compatible with the PS4(as a headset). Rather than you can select the PS Gold Wireless Headset instead of Beats Solo3. Beats Solo3 is not a part of the official list of PS4 (list made to connect with the PS4)

Final Verdict:

Finally, we have reached at the bottom of today’s session. We have tried harder to cover a detailed explanation of How to beats wireless to PS4 Bluetooth. If you like our content, please let us know it!

Thank you.

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