How to Use Ps4 with a Broken HDMI Port?

If you see your HDMI port has been broken with jammed pins inside. Undoubtedly your ps4 will not get any chance to take the signals to form the HDMI port.

So, what to do in that case? Stop gamming or trying to push back the Cable to invade into the HDMI pin forcefully?

LOL! Please don’t do anything; in fact, you don’t need to do such stupidity. As ps4 Remote Play is here, nothing can stop you from expressing your gaming skill.

Let’s see How to Use Ps4 with a Broken HDMI Port.

Compatible Device:

Let’s see at first on which devices you can play your PlayStation games remotely.




Handheld Set-Top Box
PlayStation Vita PlayStation TV


Android 5 & Newer Android 10 & Newer
Controller Support: On-Screen Only Controller Support: On-Screen DualShock 4 Bluetooth
PC Windows 10 Mac OS10,12 & Newer
Controller Support: DualShock 4 Bluetooth, DualShock 4 Wired Controller Support: DualShock 4 Wired
PC MacOS 10.15 or newer
Controller support: DualShock 4 Bluetooth
DualShock 4 Wired

You can play on your ps4 with remote play apps if your HDMI port has been broken already. This app allows you to connect your ps4 with your monitor. It also enables you to control your ps4. For several years, Sony’s PS4 Remote Play service is dominating Microsoft’s Xbox Solution.

An interesting fact is, Gamer can stream their PS4 Console from anywhere they want (nationwide). PS gamer can use PS4 Console remotely with the PS Vita Handheld, PS TV Setup Box, Mobile Apps, Desktop Apps (Windows & Macs Operating Systems).

However, let see the setup of PS4 Remote Play with all compatible device.

Setup of PS4 Remote Play (Console):

1. Turn on your Console. Open the Setting menu and select ‘Remote Play Connection Settings.’

2. Back from the first step and select ‘Account Management from the list.’

3. Select ‘Activate As your Primary PS4’.

4. Select ‘Activate’ on the Following Screen. This Setting will signal your console server to use a streaming host to any compatible device (if the same Sony Entertainment Network Account logs in it).

5. Again, back for the main Setting. Select ‘Power Save Settings.’

6. Select ‘Set Features Available in Rest Mode.’

7. Now Enable Two Settings. Number one- ‘Stay Connected to the Internet.’ And number two is, ‘Enable Turning on PS4 for Network’. These Two Settings will allow you to remotely use your ps4 when the HDMI is broken or when the Console is at Resting Mode.

So, once you have completed all these steps, that means your PS4 is now registered (to the PlayStation Network) to act as a Streaming Server with any other compatible device. Here don’t forget to connect your PS4 with the internet and with the PlayStation Network Connection. Both these connections will ensure your Client device is paired with your Console to stream the game.

Setup of PS4 Remote Play (PS TV & Vita):

1. Go for the Setting menu to select ‘Remote Play Connection Settings.’

2. Then Select ‘Connect Directly with PS Vita/PS TV.’

3. Now it’s time to set the ‘Remote Play App on Vita or PS TV.’ However, Turn On your Vita / OS TV. If need, Update with the Latest Firmware.

4. Connect all devices with the PlayStation network (With Same Sony Entertainment Network Action).

5. Select ‘PS4 Link Button’ Followed by Start (on your Vita or OS TV).

6. Select Remote Play on Following Screen (you can go back to the Remote Play Connection Setting and can select ‘Add Device’ if your PS Tv or Vita Could not locate the PS4)

How to Use Remote Play (Windows/MacOS):

1. Download & Install the Remote Play Desktop Program.

2. Connect a DualShock Controller.

3. Launch PS4 Remote Play.

4. Click on the Start menu.

5. Sign in ON the PlayStation Network (Same Sony Entertainment Network usage by your PS4). After then wait a bit to see the PS4 Home Screen appearing on your Windows/Mac Monitor.

If your monitor is not connected with the PS4, go to the setting menu of your PS4, Select ‘Remote Paly Connection Setting.’ Then, Select Add Device. The remaining instructions will come for you. If you got a one-time code, enter it on your Windows/Mac.

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How to Use Remote Play (Android/IOS/iPad):

1. Download & Install PS4 Remote Play App 9From Google Play Store or from Apple’s App Store).

2. Connect A DualShock 4 Controller.

3. Launch The app, Select Start Button.

4. Sign in on PlayStation Network (Use the same Sony Entertainment Network used on your PS4).

5. Press Ok. If the pS4 Home Screen does not appear on your Phone or Tablet, go to the PS4 Setting and enable the Add Device functions. If you got a one-time code, open the PS4 Remote Play App Setting on your phone or laptop. Tap Register Manually, finally enter the one-time code on your phone or laptop.

Symptoms of Faulty HDMI Port:

How could you understand your HDMI port has been broken? The insider pin always may not visible to you. However, see the following faulty identification of your broken HDMI port-

  • White Light of Death (Both your Monitor & ps4 will turn on, but no picture will visible on the monitor).
  • Broken Pin.
  • The monitor might display ‘No Signal.”
  • A Crooked Port.

How to Fix a Faulty HDMI Port:

The only solution is to resolve your broken HDMI port is to replace it with a new one. The broken port might have one or a few abnormal pins which already got pushed back. At this stage, this pin cannot make positive contact with the pins of your Cable.

Even if you are trying harder to push back the Cable’s pin inside the HDMI port, it cannot connect. So, in that case, you have to replace the whole HDMI port with a newer one.

The PS4 parts are involved and more refined; they need an expert on Soldering & Electronics repairing. It needs to solder on the motherboard using four main pins with many solders, so anybody inexperienced cannot do it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What do you do if your ps4 HDMI port is broken?

I will use the PS4 Remote Play. As I can Play Remotely my PlayStation games on PC, TV, and Some Mobile devices, I will take the chance to play in such a way. Though it has few steps for its setup, still the process is straightforward. Following some essential tips, anybody can play their ps4 games remotely on their selected device.

Who is better in between Sony's PS4 Remote Play Service & Microsoft's Xbox Solution?

The older Xbox Remote Play was limited to local use only. And it could only use to stream on Windows PS only. PS4 Remote Play Service Works on Nationwide network service. And it could use for streaming on PC, Mobile, PS TV, Vita, etc. And if you use the Ethernet Connections, PS4 Remote Play works excellent.

Final Verdict:

Unfortunately, if your HDMI port is broken, don’t be upset thinking about how will you play with your PlayStation. As you already read this article, I hope you know how to use ps4 with a broken HDMI port.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dame care if your HDMI has broken. Enjoy your Gaming with the PS4 Remote Play!

Thank you.

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