Monitor or TV for PS5: Which One Should You Bring?

PS5 has caught the gamers’ attention by bringing next-gen optical drive. Reviewers compared it with the Xbox Series X and showed that its 4K Blu-ray drive is clearly the winner. Though 4k is its target, for now, it is promising to support 8K when the technology is available. On top of that, 120hz mode is not a far-fetched dream anymore with this.

That being said, this next-gen game console release calls for a display update to get the most out of it. But the entire gaming world is torn apart over the greatest debate, Gaming TV or gaming monitor which one to pair with ps5?

There’s no solid choice between the monitor or tv for ps5 because both of them have their own separate fanbase. In this article, I am going to address their upsides and downsides so that you can easily decide which one meets your needs. Let’s get started without any further delay.

Monitor or TV for PS5

Benefits of Monitor for PS5

PS5 doesn’t support 1440p so there’s literally no reason to pick anything short of 4K unless you want to play games in 1080p with a higher frame rate. So grab a  4k gaming Monitor and enjoy the most out of ps5’s stunning native resolution.

Faster Response Time

Response time indicates in milliseconds that how fast the pixels will switch from one color to another. This is a vital thing to consider because slower response time results in visible ghosting and blurring while playing fast-paced games. In terms of speed and response, monitors are a clear winner as they have a 1ms response time whereas even the Best tv for ps5 has around 15ms response speed.

Higher Refresh Rate

Refresh rate refers to the number of times per second the screen updates with a new image. TVs can reach maximum 120hz refresh rates in 4k, barely any of them provides 144hz in that resolution. On the other hand, monitors boast off refresh rate up to 360hz. That being said, ps5 aims for 120hz at most. So, 144hz monitor for ps5 is a bit overkill. If you are buying a gaming tv just make sure it’s a true 120hz.

Lower Input Lag

Input lag indicates the time taken for the received digital signal to be processed and displayed on the screen. The main benefit of monitors is that they’ve lower lag. TV heavily relies on filters like upscaling, noise reduction, etc. which is why it suffers from severe lag. However, low-latency gaming modes in some TVs give us the reason to be hopeful. A true 120Hz input even has less than 8ms in the Game Mode lag promising better responsiveness and fluid gameplay.

latency mode

Adaptive Sync

Now, this is something to look for if you play both pc and console games. Some TVs support variable refresh rates, but they’re pretty expensive. Whereas even the mid-budget monitor offers AMD FreeSync or NVIDIA G-Sync compatibility. Obviously, you have to have compatible graphics cards for that.

It gets rid of screen tearing while playing pc games. It has no use for console gamers as gaming consoles have a fixed refresh rate, but can’t say anything for the future software update.

Flexible Connectivity Options

While TVs are stuck with HDMI port, gaming monitors offer input flexibility with Display Port and HDMI which is another plus for sure.

Benefits of TV for PS5

Gamers prefer TVs because they can pair them with their consoles and play from the comfort of sitting on their couch. Let’s see which TV-specific functionalities benefit the players for choosing this over the monitors.

Better Screen Size at Affordable Prices

If display size is your topmost priority, then there’s no contest between monitor versus tv for ps5. TVs are an easy winner as you can buy 40 inches plus 4k TV spending as little as $300. With monitors, it’s impossible to go bigger than 37.5 inches. Besides, you’ll strain your eyes as monitors require you to sit closer. Again, ultrawide monitors are way more expensive than big TVs. So, go for the tv if you’re a couch gamer and need to split screens more often.

HDR Support

For enjoying the true 4K, HDR technology is just the cherry on top. TVs enhance your visual experience by equipping the full-array local dimming with HDR support. As a result, you’ll be seeing more vibrant colors, deeper blacks, and stunning brightness. That said few monitor options having strong peak brightness support HDR technology. But they can barely render the true HDR images correctly. They don’t have local dimming as well.

OLED Technology

OLED and QLED technology offer wide viewing angles, instant pixel response time, and infinite contrast ratio compared to the other panel technologies like TN, IPS, or VA. Furthermore, it has wide 98% DCI-P3 color coverage and Adobe RGB lighting which brings out the real shine of HDR technology. TVs are the clear winner in this context at an affordable price point. There are few OLED panel monitors but they fall into a terrible price range.

Improved Audio Quality

Few monitors have built-in speakers but they’re nowhere near the TV’s DTS and Dolby technology. Besides, the TV supports a variety of audio outputs like soundbars, home theaters, etc. Better audio brings a sense of realism which is why this is another win for the TVs over their counterpart.


TVs provide amazing versatility as you can surf the web, play games, enjoy unlimited access to on-demand streaming videos. Cable subscription lets you use them like typical TVs too. In this context, monitors lag behind because of lacking proper inputs.

Finally, Monitor Or Tv For Ps5?

Lastly, the choice of gaming TV or gaming monitor to pair with Sony’s next-gen consoles comes down to your personal preference, habits, and the gaming environment. If you lack space, grab an excellent monitor with a quick response time of 1ms. Monitors have height adjustment and tilt adjustment options to bring them to a suitable viewing angle. As a bonus, here you don’t have to deal with the operating systems. Just the OSD menu for initial video settings.

BenQ Zowie 144Hz e-Sports Gaming Monitor with HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI-DL input connectors is a budget monitor for you to consider.

With that said, a curved monitor has got extra benefits over the flat ones as it has zero reflection or distortion even in well-lit rooms.

Or you can go big with the TVs without breaking the bank and enjoy 4k to the fullest with high dynamic range technology. For further improvement in visual quality, you can invest some more in OLED or Neo QLED TV depending on your budget. VESA mount will help you to attach them with walls and have fun with console gaming from your couch. However, I’ll suggest you to be future-ready with HDMI 2.1 instead of HDMI 2.0 connectivity. HDMI 2.0 is a primary connectivity method whereas new consoles are made targeting the 2.1 version of it.

Final Words

Remember, in a tight budget you won’t get a quality monitor. In that case, the decent choice will be to grab a 4K-capable TV. You can aim for as bigger as you want in your pocket. HDR combines with full array dimming technology and brings lifelike image quality with stunning details.

But professional gamers will need faster refresh rate technology and quick response times for their competitive gaming session. Get an ultra HD monitor featuring a narrow bezel design. Ultra-thin bezels add to the display size and utilize the space most.

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