Difference Between Ps4 Controller V1 and V2

PS4 game controller brings its updates to deliver absolute control to the player overall the game. The main objective is to keep the player inside the game with the controller. In this line, the latest controller update V2 adds a few new features to make the control more interactive. As a whole, there is no significant difference between V1 and V2. Both V1 and V2 look the same in size, controller sticks, and appearance. The difference comes in front while the players use it to play.

The DualShock controller is the primary and the heart of PlayStation. All the series of controllers maintain a similar design to its previous version. Only the changes come with a few additional features and design. The caps of the analog sticks, the shape of the triggers, and shoulder buttons of the controllers updated in the latest versions. Noticeably, the D-pad buttons of the controllers shaped a steeper downward angle to allow a resting space in the center for the user’s thumb. The handgrips became thicker, and the micro texturing touchpad improves the feel.

Let’s Have a Look at Both the Versions V1 and V2 PS4 Game Controller.




Release Date: Popular Play Station 4 (PS4) developed by Sony Entertainment, announced the success on 3rd February 2013. on 15th November 2013, the Play Station was launched. The version released in North America, Europe, South America, and Australia at different dates later. The updated v2 version of PS4 controller was released in the market on 15th September 2015.


Size and Shape: The height, width, and depth of PS4 game controller are 100mmX 161mmX57mm. The weight is 7.04 oz approximately (0.21 kg). The V2 version of PS4 game controller is a little large than its previous version. The height, width, and dimension of it are 55mmX 161mmX100mm. The weight is approximately 0.21 kg.
Key Features: Ø  Built-in speaker

Ø  Stereo headset jack

Ø  Several new audio options in the player’s hands

Ø  Rechargeable even in rest mode

Ø  Lightbar in the front



Ø  Built-in speaker

Ø  Stereo headset jack

Ø  Audio options in the player’s hands

Ø  Lightbar in the touchpad

Ø  Bluetooth connectivity even though connected with the USB cable

Ø  Can play the game even in charge time

Ø  Higher gripped buttons

Difference Between PS4 Controller V1 and V2:

The differences between the versions can not be defined at a glance. The disparity can be felt only while playing with those. For better control of the game, the latest version allows more interactivity than its older version. All other basic controls of both the controllers are the same. Here are some differences found during their use.

  • The major difference found between these two versions is its connectivity. In the earlier PS4 V1 version, the USB connection charges the controller. The charge is possible even in rest mode. It is not possible to play the game during its charge time. The V2 version updated this feature and improved it to play with the controller while connected with the USB cable and charge time.
  • Between the two versions, the buttons of the V2 version are more soft gripped, which allows more interaction with the game. The buttons are softer and are very easy more move. On the other hand, in the earlier version, the buttons were a little hard and less gripped.
  • The touchpad of the V2 version is updated than the earlier version. There is a translucent stripe light bar on the touch pad and it shines during the game. The feature helps to notice the touch pad even in the dark. On the other hand, the earlier V1 version has only light on its front side. This is the main visible difference visually found between the versions.
  • The touchpad of the V2 version contains a microtexturing design to bring a more improved feel to the user. In the earlier version, the touchpad was plain. The users can define this difference only during the game.
  • The later version v2 contains a long-life battery in it delivers more life than its older version. Though the battery life of PS4 controller is not long, the V2 version kills its battery slower than its earlier version.
  • The edges of the V2 version is more curved and well-shaped to have a better feeling of it. The shape delivers more comfort to the player to handle it during the game for a long time. This shape is more improved than its previous version and visible.

It is very natural that the latest versions are always featured with new improvements. But defining the differences between V1 and V2 is a little harder. The shape and size of both the controllers are the same and, visually no differences were found while they are on the table. But when you play with those, you can define those are not the same. Though updated, V1 is still popular with many users now.

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