The Best PS5 Cooling Fan [Ultimate Guide & Review]

All gaming consoles including PlayStations need proper ventilation to let you have the ultimate gaming experience. However, lots of gamers can’t ensure that for many reasons. A no-brainer solution for this problem is to get a PS5 cooling fan.

A few low-cost accessories come with an only-fan design but most of them are fans with vertical stands. By buying those slightly expensive ones, you don’t have to spend money on stands and cooling fans separately.

In this article, I am going to discuss the cooling issue and give my honest reviews on the available products. Without further ado, let’s get started with short descriptions of the selected models.

Just in case if you’re in a hurry….

Check these two of the best PS5 cooling fans from my review unit. You can trust my recommendation and thank me later.

My Top Pick

MENEEA Vertical Charging Stand – Effective Cooling with Proven Durability

MENEEA Vertical Charging Stand


  • Multi-function stand
  • USB hub
  • 2 upgraded cooling fans
  • Charging indicator light
  • Fast charging

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FYOUNG Vertica l Stand – All-in-one Charging Dock, Stand Cooling Fan PS5

FYOUNG Vertica l Stand


  • Extra USB ports
  • Powerful cooling fans
  • Charging indicator light
  • Charging doc for 2 PS5 controllers
  • Charging doc for P-move controllers

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Now Have a Quick Look at All of My Top Picked Products Below:

Upgraded cooling fans of this PS5 accessory can ensure 3000 rotations per minute can cool a console without any doubt. The slim design with a royal white finish will match your gaming station’s decoration.

Apart from the looks and cooling capabilities, it comes with several other functionalities. It includes charging ports for two controllers, a USB hub with 3 ports, and a retractable rack.

The storage rack can hold up to 14 gaming discs. You can mount either PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition on the stand. Verified customers love its sturdy build-quality and lightweight construction.

Being made of ABS plastic, you can rely on the durability of the stand. The nice dark finish will match with your PS5 Black Edition perfectly. The noticeable features of this stand are the charging ports for 2 P-move controllers, a storage rack for PS5 VR 1/2 converter, and a storage stand for headsets or PS VR.

Other than those, it has 2 cooling fans, a charging dock for 2 PS5 controllers, a 4-port USB hub, and LED charging indicators. All of those features are really useful for VR gamers, and it explains its expensive price tag.

With a 3-fan design and a USB port on the front, this is the most inexpensive cooling solution for your PS5. The minimalistic and adaptive design matches the exterior of the console perfectly.

It stays closest to the internal cooling system making the product more effective than others. Well, that is not a proven fact but my personal opinion.

One surprising fact is that the fans can achieve up to 4000 RPMs which is more than the previous models. Due to the USB port on the front, you won’t be sacrificing or blocking any port of your PlayStation.

With a price tag more than double than the previous one, this great-looking vertical stand cum cooling fan has some great features like the top pick. The standing deck for the console has an adjustable design so that you can either put PS5 UHD or PS5 DE.

On the side, the two storage units for the controllers are also capable of charging them. With the help of two indicator LEDs on the front, you would know whether they are charging or not. Though the device uses one USB port from the console, its USB hub with 3 ports makes up that loss.

Lastly, we have got another gaming-setup-friendly stand that comes with fast chargers for the controllers and 2 high-speed fans for keeping the console cool. As this accessory always stays connected to the PS5, it starts running automatically whenever you turn on the console.

All of those features save extra trouble to arrange charging station for the controllers as well as storage issues. The main benefit of such a dock is to keep the gaming area neat and clean. The 2-in-1 vertical stand is adjustable to house either PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition.

First Choose What You Need

Did you find the descriptions too boring? Or could you get an overview of the types? Let me help you.

Among all, there are basically two types of products to consider. One comes with only fans and a USB port, and the other comes with fans, charging docks, and USB hubs.

The third product belongs to the first group and the rest of them are the other one. All you have to is set the requirements and select a type accordingly. For example, some PS5 owners already have a charging accessory for the controllers. For them, the budget-friendly cooling fan from FUEHVTY is the best option.

Furthermore, gamers who are planning to get VR gear should consider buying the one from FYOUNG. It is because the vertical stand cum cooling fan has all the slots to store all the gears. However, here are some facts about cooling fans for PS5 that you should know.

Beware of the Common Problems of a PS5 Cooling Fan

Despite having some great features and benefits, you should know some things about these cooling fans. I don’t want you to spend money on items that you don’t need or like.

Ø  It increases the electricity consumption but the amount is so minimal that you don’t need to be concerned too much.

Ø  All of the products available on the market are built from ABS plastic which may feel cheap. But they are very durable and stable.

Ø  The charging ports for the controllers are claimed to be fast-chargers but they are not. It can take up somewhere between 3 to 4 hours to fully charge PS5 controllers.

Ø  USB ports on the front of these cooling fans don’t have a decent quality.

Ø  Some fans are loud and not so efficient which may irritate the gamer.

Why Should You Buy PS5 Cooling fan?

To understand why you need an external cooling fan for your newly bought console from Sony, let’s have a close look inside the PS5 cooling system. The very first question that comes into our minds is, what is the PS5 cooling fan size?

It is a massive 120mm fan with a thickness of 45 mm and sharp fins for maximum airflow. Inside the chassis, there are vents to intake air from the bottom all the way to the top. The cool air collects heat from the processors and the fan pushes the hot air through the backside of the console.

More accurately, the processors transfer the heat to the heat sinks and the air carries the heat as it flows through them. Due to the use of liquid metal compounds, the thermal conductivity gets increased by 86% which is amazing.

Despite all those efforts from Sony, your PS5 can still overheat due to various reasons. Placing the console in a poorly ventilated area or obstructing the airflow can cause it. In case of such occurrences, the internal temperature sensor will give you warning messages.

To solve the issue, you can follow some guidelines I have described at the end of this article. But a great, effective and effortless hack would be buying a cooling fan for PlayStation5. Some of these fans help increase the amount of intake air, and some help emitting the hot air through the back. So, people who are saying that it is a hoax and a waste of money are wrong.

How I Picked The Best Cooling Fans for PS5?

After getting confirmed about the compatible cooling fans for PS5, I began searching for good-quality products on Amazon. By looking at the search results, you may wonder why I have reviewed only 4 of them.

The reason is the similarity of the products although the manufacturers are different. Not only do they look the same but also their construction and features match with each other.

After going through all of them, I saw that only 4 models can cover a wide range of requirements. According to the customer ratings, they are the most popular and highest-rated ones.

Apart from that, I also considered several factors that helped me find the best PS5 cooling fan. For your convenience, I have described the important factors. All I can say is that you can rely on my selection and choose any of the models with full confidence.

My Top Picks Detailed Review

You have got a glimpse of my top-picked products above. Now, let’s talk about their features and usefulness in my detailed PS5 cooling fan review below.

1. Vertical Charging Stand for PS5 Controllers with Cooling Fan

 Vertical Charging Stand for PS5 Controllers with Cooling Fan

MENEEA 2-in-1 vertical stand for the latest PlayStation has good-quality fans with high speed and low noise. A 7-blade design and a powerful motor that can provide up to 3000 RPM are the proof of the claim.

As the airflow direction helps PS5 intake more air from the bottom, you should notice a change in the cooling capabilities of the console. Now, let’s talk about the additional features and benefits of the cooling fan cum vertical stand.

After getting the product out of its box, you would notice a removable plastic piece on the cooling fans. It is there to allow either version of the gaming console.

Unless you have bought the digital edition, you have to remove the plastic piece. You may also have bought gaming discs to play offline, and the stand comes with a retractable tray to store up to 14 discs.

On the left side, there are two charging ports for the controllers. The whole setup gets power from the console via USB. Now, don’t think that you are losing a port to the stand because this accessory has a USB hub with 3 ports. As long as the console is running, you can use all of its features.

It is made of ABS plastic which makes it lightweight but still provides enough strength, stability, and durability.

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Things I like

I like the overall design and sturdy and durable build quality. It is lightweight yet the stand can provide the necessary support. The listing shows a white version but you can also select the black version matching your console’s color.

Things I don’t like

The fact that it doesn’t charge the controllers when PS5 goes into sleep mode can be frustrating. By manually keeping the console from going into sleep mode, you can solve this issue.

2. FYOUNG Vertical Stand for PS5 Digital Edition

 FYOUNG Vertical Stand for PS5 Digital Edition

Comparing price and features, my top-pick cooling fan for PS5 is almost perfect. Yet, I also like this one for its all-rounder design and lots of useful features. Lots of people may not like this expensive model but it is a must for VR gamers.

Why? Because the stand cum cooling fan comes with a vertical stand compatible with both versions of the console, a holder for PS5 VR 1/2 converter, two charging decks for controllers, and two for P-move controllers. Furthermore, there is a USB hub with 4 USB ports and a stand for the headset or PSVR. So, organizing is not a problem anymore.

Even if you like to play for hours, you don’t need to worry about overheating as the cooling fans are capable of handling the issue. With 3000 RPM speed and the latest blade design, the dual fan setup can assist the internal ones in providing cold air.

In terms of build quality, there is nothing much to complain about because ABS plastic is both durable and strong at the same time yet very lightweight. For its design, the stand can provide the necessary stability of the large console.

Check Price On Amazon

Things I like

The sleek design with an extra USB port compared to the competitor models is much appreciated. Moreover, the whole concept of this stand with a cooling fan allows storing all accessories that you need for VR gaming. It keeps the desk neat and clean all the time.

Things I don’t like

This PS5 cooling fan stand is more expensive than the previous one. The USB hub doesn’t work well with the VR camera. You should connect the camera directly to the console for the best gaming experience.

3. Console Cooling 3 Cooler Fans For Sony Playstation 5

 Console Cooling 3 Cooler Fans For Sony Playstation 5

Are you looking for an only-fan design? Your quest ends here as I have found the best model that meets the requirement. This one from FUEHVTY comes with a 3-fan setup that can be more effective than the previous one.

For several reasons, I have a soft corner for this model. You may think it is an unbeatable price but you are wrong. Yes, it is a significant matter but I like its design and the capability of the motors most.

The slim horizontal 3-fan design matches the upper-back side of the PlayStation perfectly. It is very easy to install. Plug the USB cable on the console’s port and it should fit on the exterior. By using its power on/off switch, you can use it whenever you see a heat-related message on the screen.

Also, the fan comes with a USB female port so that you don’t have to sacrifice a port in the console.

As the direction of the airflow is outwards, it helps to exit the hot air from inside. You can also consider this fact as different than the other models on the list. Other fans help intake cool air and this one helps emit hot air. Its capability of achieving up to 4000 RPM speed can work some magic.

Check Price On Amazon

Things I like

Minimalistic design that looks like a part of the console turns on the PlayStation lovers. The 3-fan design with a powerful motor makes it very effective at cooling the console. I really like its performance and features that come at a really low cost.

Things I don’t like

Several customers complained about the noise it creates. However, it does not bother or hamper concentration if you play the games from a good distance.

How to Choose the Best PS5 Cooling Fan?

Choosing a PS5 external cooling fan is not a difficult task. While going through products on Amazon, I have seen that most of them come with stands and charging stations for the controllers. Based on the findings, let’s see what you need to consider while choosing the Best PS5 cooling fan.

Fan Speed

The first and most important thing is the fan speed. There are no models that can’t achieve at least 3000 RPM. Some are more powerful ensuring up to 4000 RPM, which is even better. Among 5 of the products, only the best budget one offers such a speed. It also has 3 fans where the rest has only 2.

However, it should not let you make a final decision because accessories with 2 fans help intake cool air. For this application, such a setup is enough. On the other hand, the 3-fan model has to help to emit hot air which requires more power.

Number of Blades

Another important factor that plays a significant role in cooling is the number of blades in a fan. Normal and old-design ones come with 4 blades. On the other hand, the improved design uses 7 blades with an ergonomic shape for maximum efficiency. If you look at the selected products on the list, you will notice that all of them have modern construction.


Always make sure that your chosen model has the capability of allocating either versions of the latest PlayStation 5.

Build Quality

Indeed, all available cooling fans have a plastic body. The manufacturers use ABS plastic for durability and low-cost production. However, all do not have the same stability or strength. That is why I have gone through customer reviews of the products and selected the good-quality ones.

Additional Features

After confirming those matters, you should look for additional features. The PS5 cooling fan that has only 3 fans doesn’t offer anything else. However, 4 other models come with a USB hub, charging doc, indicator, disc tray, stand for VR, headsets, etc. It would be best if you read the detailed reviews below and find the one that meets your requirements.

Questions to Ask When Choosing A PS5 Cooling Fan

The questions and their answers below will help you know the cause of buying this product.

Does the PS5 need a cooling fan?

Yes, PlayStation 5 requires a cooling fan for optimal performance. Here, I am talking about the internal one which comes with the console. However, you may notice an overheating issue sometimes which you can solve by introducing an external cooling fan.

Are cooling fans good for PS5?

Yes, cooling fans are good for not only PS5s but also other gaming devices with GPUs. Overheating drops the performance of the processors which affects gaming.

Does PS5 have a liquid cooling?

Liquid cooling is linked to personal computers and not PlayStations. The whole setup requires large setups and casings to operate effectively. But gaming consoles don’t have that much space.

Does PS5 overheat?

Yes, for several reasons, your console can overheat which would cause performance issues.

Why PS5 overheat?

Among several reasons, the most common and known one is poor-ventilation. So, you should ensure proper airflow and one of the reviewed cooling fans for PS5 would help you achieve that.

How do you know if your PS5 is overheating?

As the console comes with a temperature sensor inside, the display would show a warning message when it gets too hot inside.

How Do I Keep My PS5 Cool?

According to Sony, you can take some steps to keep the PS5 cool without buying cooling fans.

  • Try not to put the console in a cabinet or an enclosed area
  • You should not put anything on or around the PS5 that blocks the fan.
  • Never put a piece of cloth or place the console on a cloth. It can block the air-flow passage.
  • Also, don’t put the console on a carpet or rug.
  • Keep the device at least 4 inches or 10 cm away from the wall.
  • Perform a regular cleaning so that dust or lint doesn’t build up on the fan and reduce its performance.

Those are some really good advice but as a gamer, I can’t check my console from time to time. That is why I prefer external cooling fans that increase cleaning intervals.

Can I Use Mini Cooling Fans As An Alternative?

Some people wonder whether they can use mini fans such as Honeywell HT-900 to help to cool the PS5. I think that it would help a bit but it is not an efficient or practical solution.

Because the fan would take some space which is more than the products recommended above. Also, the effectiveness wouldn’t be enough due to the distance in between.


Some might say that getting a PS5 cooling fan is a waste of money. The statement would have been true if the products only have fans. Indeed, the fans don’t make a huge difference in the cooling but help to keep the console cool a little bit.

The biggest benefit of them is the USB hubs and charging docs. By buying one from MENEEA or FYOUNG, you won’t have to worry about the controller’s storage or charging. Or, FUEHVTY might be the one if you don’t need all those fancy features.  So, which one are you going to choose?

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