Will Ps5 Work On 1080p TV? [The Right Answer is Here]

The hype has never been higher for any Sony play station consoles than PS5. Also, it is rightfully justified given the amount of power this console offers. The new PS5 has taken 4K gaming to the next level.

With all these 4K comments and hypes, it is like people already forgot not long ago 1080p was the gaming standard. And, it made the 1080p users ask questions like ‘will ps5 work on 1080p TV?’. So, now I’ll be pulling you out of all confusion and answer if PS5 will run on a 1080p TV.

Will PS5 Work on 1080p TV?

In a word, yes, PS5 will work on 1080p TV. The television resolution plays a little role when it comes to PS5. What matters more is if the TV has the necessary ports and hardware.

The new PS5 has comes with technology that can push 4K resolution up to 60 frames per second. Sony has been banking on 4K so much, that it is easy to assume that they probably forgot about 1080p TVs. If you own one of these TVs then do not worry, PS5 will run smoothly on your TV. Your television just has to have the ports and supports necessary for the PlayStation 5, the 1080p resolution would not pose much of a problem.

An interesting thing is that this console can push higher FPS on a lower resolution than 4K. It utilizes the extra power that is left out on low-res displays. So, ultimately you will get better FPS than you would in 4K. The specs say you can get up to 120FPS on 1080p television. Having said about televisions, if you are concerned about the performance of PS5 on a 1080p monitor, then don’t be. They might outperform the televisions.

Will All Games Run At 120 Frames Per Second?

Sadly, it depends on the developers. Not all games will support 120 frames per second. The developer will choose if they want to push on frames or better graphics. If they choose higher frame rates then you are certainly in for a treat. In case they prioritize graphics then it depends on your TV if it supports the required functionalities.

When playing games on ps5 1080p 120fps is achievable but not guaranteed. On the other hand, ps5 1080p 60fps will be more commonly seen all around. But, keep in mind, your TV needs to support 60 and 120 frame rate. As we cleared the air of confusion about the TV, PS5 on the 1080p monitor will have similar performance if not better.

PS5 1080p 60fps

As 120Hz TVs can get quite expensive you can find comfort in a 60Hz television too. Because PS5 is more than capable of offering you 60 frames per second at 1080p resolution. I would recommend this setup if you are on a budget. The 60 fps is still a significant improvement over the old 30 frames per second gameplay.

To be honest, 60 frames is perfectly fine for casual gameplay. It is when you want to compete at the top level, you will need 120 Hz television. If you are a casual gamer who just wants to enjoy the game then you will have a fulfilling experience with 60 Hz television. This way, you will have all the fun and you can spend the extra case to make the experience more comforting.

For the availability and low cost of 60Hz 1080p televisions, it is not in any way a step-down or a bad choice to game on PS5. Although 120 is twice 60, it is really hard to notice the difference. Only the experienced people will be able to tell the difference.

A better frame rate will indeed grant you a slight advantage when playing competitive titles like Call of Duty. So, at the end of the day, it is your call which frame rate you prefer most.

How to Enable 1080p 120hz on PS5

Not all games and TV can run at 120 fps on PS5. If your television can run at that pace, and the game allows then all that remains is turning on the settings. Let us take a look at how to enable 1080p at 120hz on PS5.

  • As PS5 with 1080p tv is the perfect match for 120hz gaming, you will need a proper HDMI cable. That means the cable must be at least have HDMI version 1.3. If you want the best performance then I suggest using HDMI 2.1 if the TV supports it.
  • Now it is time to change the preset. Head into the settings then choose Saved Data and Game Settings. Under this menu, you will find the Game Presets.
  • Change the Presets to performance mode. And you are done for now. If your game is optimized to run at 120hz, then now you can savor it in 120 frames per second.

PS5 Compatible Top 1080p TVs:

Let us take a look at three best 1080p TVs for PS5.

Samsung Electronics UN32N5300AFXZA: Samsung has kept their reputation intact with stunning display of this TV. You will experience excellent contrast and brightness that will make the game’s graphics lifelike.

TCL 32S327: You will get to enjoy a tones of advanced features on this TV. Voice control, smart assistants, direct-lid LED are few of the useful aspects of this television. Combining these features with gaming, this television will offer an amazing experience.

LG 22LJ4540: This LG TV is the best choice of you are on budget. Although it has no smart functionalities, this television is very energy efficient. You can keep playing for long hours without worrying about the power bills.

Bottom Line

If anyone asks you again that will ps5 work on 1080p TV, you can assure them that it would. The resolution would not pose much of a problem if other hardware is fine. Not only it would work well, but also you might get a better frame rate than a 4K resolution.

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